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Hi, I am Darren Martyn, a developer/penetration tester who is using this blog/site thing to document various adventures in the wonderful world of software development, vulnerability research, reverse engineering, and various other computer science related (and otherwise) hobbies/interests.

May occasionally contain rantings about various stuff as well. I work at Xiphos Research, and previously studied Forensic Science and Analysis in Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology, for which I earned a BSc. in the topic. I also go under about a zillion different usernames/handles, depending on the time of day, day of week, and mood, and this is just one of them. My previous research is archived over at Insecurety Research

The opinions and suchlike expressed on this site are my own opinion and not that of my employer, who fully respects my freedom of speech and does not have some retarded policy prohibiting me from speaking my mind or whatever.

Hopefully you find some of the things here interesting :)

You may reach me via the following email, but please use PGP, as it is not my mailserver. Protip, if you are wishing to just chat over ciphertexts, PGP me a jabber ID and OTR fingerprint or something, as email has no forward secrecy and has loads of sexy metadata, wheras OTR has.

Email (personal): skyhighatrist (at) tfwno (dot) gf
PGP Pubkey: 0xB5C3969D
Email (work): darren.martyn (at) xiphosresearch (dot) co (dot) uk
PGP Pubkey: 0xA39FEB56

If you are so inclined to buy me a pint, the following bitcoin address would greatly accept your computational cycles: 13rZ67tmhi7M3nQ3w87uoNSHUUFmYx7f4V or the convenient Coinbase Page.