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Some Site Updates

Quick thing of updates for the site.
Firstly, I have updated talks to contain the BSides Hannover material, which is also accessable on the Github repo.
I also have added a page listing my tor nodes, for transparency reasons, along with updating my contact information on the about page.
We also now have a PoC||GTFO mirror, I strongly encourage you host one too!
Some new updates coming soon, including a tutorial on getting that sweet sweet z/OS up and running on a Linux laptop, which would be impossible without the help of Soldier of Fortran, launch of a fun new service or two, and migration of some old content across. Finally, my exploit development stuff is all being pushed to the Xiphos Research Exploits Repository, my own fork is used for testing and such and is not exactly stable at all, so if you want stable exploits, go for the Xiphos one, which is the “release master” repository :)