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So, occasionally I get up to doing speaky-thingies. Here is a list of previous talks and any associated video/media/slides associated with them.

SteelCon 2016

At SteelCon 2016 I spoke on using memory forensics to uncover LD_PRELOAD based rootkits on Linux systems, which was the topic of my BSc. thesis project. I also spoke a little bit on how one can do some cool offensive stuff with memory forensic tools. A video and slides will be available once I find them again.

BerlinSides 0x07/PXE

At BerlinSides/PXE I spoke on using memory forensics to uncover LD_PRELOAD based rootkits on Linux systems, which was the topic of my BSc. thesis project. I also spoke a little on how memory forensic techniques can be used offensively.

SteelCon 2015

At Steelcon 2015 I spoke on “0wning the Internet of Trash”. This was a fun talk/rant on hacking the planet with regards to “Internet of Things” devices, i.e. anything embedded with a network connection (network attached rootshells, I call ‘em). Included some sweet hardware pr0n, some owning of devices, some discussions of extant attacks and malware, along with discussions of how best (in my opinion) to go about post-exploitation in the land of embedded devices. Slides are available, and video is also available.

BerlinSides 0x7DF/PXE 0x7DF

At BerlinSides/PXE I spoke on writing userland Solaris rootkits (LD_PRELOAD based), along with discussing the Adios Hola disclosures. Somehow, due to things, ended up giving two talks when I planned on giving one. Was definately one of the most positive experiences I have had, and kind of has encouraged me to do more speaking stuff in the future due to an amazingly positive response. Slides should be available soon once I recover them from wherever the hell I left them on my hard drive :)

Bsides Hannover, 2015 - Shell on Wheels

This was a talk detailing the reverse engineering of Icomera Moovbox products I performed and the discovery of a number of vulnerabilities, development of exploits for said vulnerabiities, and post exploitation concepts developed for said products. There is a video forthcoming apparently, but for now heres the slides. I quite enjoyed this one, was a lot of fun the whole way through.

Dublin Web Summit 2014 - Anonymous and Lulzsec: The Politics and Power Behind the Mask.

This was a panel discussion with Gabriella Coleman and Donncha O Cearbhail about Anonymous/LulzSec, the politics of the groups, and the general culture of them.

Was a good bit of craic. No video, sadly, but I will leave you with these two links… Irish Times article and Irish Independant article

IP Expo Europe 2014 - Collaboration vs. confidentiality - What do the hackers say?

This was another panel, wherin Cal Leeming, Mustafa Al-Bassam, and myself were discussing various things to do with cloud security and storage, amongst other things, with István Lám, the CEO of Tresorit. No video again, because the IP Expo people apparently charge like a zillion quid for video or somesuch.

However, here is the sole photo of the thing

Royal Court, London, 2014 - The Big Idea: In Conversation with LulzSec.

This was a really, really odd one. Basically, myself and my fellow former cyberterrorists were on stage - video - chatting about the crimes we did, our motivations, and all that jazz, as part of a play called Teh Internet is Serious Business, which, by the way, was fucking amazing. Really unsure how to explain this particular talky thingy, but it was highly amusing.

SteelCon 2014 - Process Injection with Python

This talk has slides and video! It was a talk I gave at SteelCon, a hacker conference in Sheffield, UK. Doubtlessly one of the best conferences in the UK, way better than other, more corporate events (which are for sellouts :P)

CampusCon 2012 - 802.11 Client Exploitation Talk

No slides or video, cannot find either, and the CampusCon site seems dead. The slides being gone is probably a good thing, because they were awful slides (worst powerpoint!), and the lack of video… A godsend - I was sleep deprived. Was also my first proper speaking gig! Massive props to the WIT Hacking Society though for giving me the chance!