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Statement of Solidarity With Torproject Anti Harassment Policy.

I normally ignore drama on the internet, as it is mostly pointless noise. However, sometimes, some bullshit goes down that you simply cannot ignore, but have no idea what to do about.

What I am referring to, is the fucking ridiculous harassment of torproject developers that has been going on for quite some time.

The Tor Project do amazing things. They provide some of the most cutting edge research into low latency anonymity systems. They provide a public, volunteer ran, free, open source implementation of onion routing for everyone from activists to spooks to journos to use. This is an amazing service, and doubtlessly countless people owe their lives and continued liberty to the project.

However, not everyone likes the idea of online anonymity. Some people are very much against it, and like to threaten, harass, and try to intimidate Tor developers. Other idiots, being wholly incapable of rational thought, seem to be of the opinion the tor project is a government ran trap or honeypot - rumors that have gotten more common since some journo over at Pando decided to write a series of articles describing the Torproject as a government ran trap, in what, I must say, was one of the most horrifyingly awful examples of shit journalism I have seen in a good while. The idiot has not bothered try to repair the damage done, either, instead seemingly revelling in the shitstorm he has brought about, and generally pouring petrol on the fire.

Anyway. The Tor people have put up a statement against harassment and you might like to sign it. I have, maybe you can too? Perhaps we can send a message that says something along the lines of “fuck off mate, this bollocks isn’t fucking acceptable” to those who would harass those who do so much for us.

Stay classy, fellow Cyberians.


Edit: Fucking lol. Some guy called Paul Carr published this pile of shite comparing tor to spooks. Anyway, thought whoever lands on this page might find it somewhat fucking hilarious, as it is simply adding more petrol to the fire. These Pando people really like escalation, don’t they…

Further edit of clarification: Yeah, I totally can get behind Andrea doxing the fuck out of some retard who was giving her shit. If someone is being a massive cock on the cybertubes, and they don’t stop, you are well within your rights to kick them square in the teeth by any means necessary. If you be a massive fucking bellend on the internet, especially to people with skills, expect some fucking retaliation when they get sick of your shit. So, yeah, I totally applaud Andrea taking matters into her own hands - its what I would have done. Its what a whole lot of you would have done as well, just you won’t fucking admit it (because its more fun to act all holier-than-thou).