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Statement of Solidarity With Torproject Anti Harassment Policy.

I normally ignore drama on the internet, as it is mostly pointless noise. However, sometimes, some bullshit goes down that you simply cannot ignore, but have no idea what to do about.

Proposal for a Key Revokation Procedure for Tor Hidden Services

Warning (03/12/2014): This proposal was based on a flawed understanding of the DHT. And will not work with the current tor implementation. Thanks to Donncha for pointing out that I had made some pretty fucking idiotic assumptions. However, I am leaving it up incase the implementation changes in future or whatever.

2-Factor Auth for SSH using Twilio API and Python-PAM

So, first real post here. Inspired by a post over at the Chokepoint blog, and after recently doing some reading up on the Twilio API, I decided it would be fun to expand their little script to use Twilio instead of TxtDrop for the simple reason that Twilio supports a lot more countries (including Ireland and the UK, where I currently reside) than TxtDrop, and so I could have an excuse to mess with Twilio, as I need to get to grips with its API for another project currently under development. ...

Hello World!

So I am attempting this blogging thing, using Jekyll. I guess this is the hello world post :)