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Proposal for a Key Revokation Procedure for Tor Hidden Services

Warning (03/12/2014): This proposal was based on a flawed understanding of the DHT. And will not work with the current tor implementation. Thanks to Donncha for pointing out that I had made some pretty fucking idiotic assumptions. However, I am leaving it up incase the implementation changes in future or whatever.

2-Factor Auth for SSH using Twilio API and Python-PAM

So, first real post here. Inspired by a post over at the Chokepoint blog, and after recently doing some reading up on the Twilio API, I decided it would be fun to expand their little script to use Twilio instead of TxtDrop for the simple reason that Twilio supports a lot more countries (including Ireland and the UK, where I currently reside) than TxtDrop, and so I could have an excuse to mess with Twilio, as I need to get to grips with its API for another project currently under development. ...

Hello World!

So I am attempting this blogging thing, using Jekyll. I guess this is the hello world post :)