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Installing DDK (documentation for the KCL Our Data Ourselves Class)

Starting the DroidDestructionKit The following set of instructions will guide you in how to get the DroidDestructionKit toolset up and running on your machine once you have the Virtual Machine Appliance imported into your installation of Virtualbox.

ImgurScrot Release

So, bit of code I wrote while halfway going mad arguing with API’s at BrumHack in order to retain my sanity a little. This really, really, simple piece of code basically just takes a screenshot using PyScreenshot and uploads it to imgur using the imgur api.

RelayCheck Release

This blog post is announcing the release of a tool I wrote called RelayCheck, a simple utility for testing if ones Tor relays are up/down and for giving them a good ole kill -HUP every now and then to keep it fresh.

Some Site Updates

Quick thing of updates for the site. Firstly, I have updated talks to contain the BSides Hannover material, which is also accessable on the Github repo. I also have added a page listing my tor nodes, for transparency reasons, along with updating my contact information on the about page. We also now have a PoC||GTFO mirror, I strongly encourage you host one too! Some new updates coming soon, including a tutorial on getting that sweet sweet z/OS up and running on a Linux laptop, which would be...

Writing (Basic) IRC Scripts in Python

This post is intended to be a gentle introduction into the fine and glorious art of writing IRC scripts (for irssi and hexchat, weechat is on the way) in the Python programming language. In this, you will be walked through, line by line, the “shakespeare.py” plugin for various IRC clients that I wrote out of sheer boredom and a desire to insult people on IRC ye olde style.

Using the Python 'getpass' module

Clifford Sullivan (@cliffsull on twitter) recently asked how to go about safely accepting password input from an interactive program in python.

Oxidation of Borneol to Camphor

I was not going to bother posting this up, as it lacks in pretty pictures, but ah well. Ended up publishing it on one of the forums and figured it was worth hosting here… I decided to be a bit more “descriptive” to make up for the lack of pictures!